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What would your life be like without the problem?

How would you feel?

Where would you be?

What would you achieve?


Now is the time to Invest in YOU.


Here are some testimonials from my clients.

Every one of them was living with a hidden block in their mind which blocked them, and stopped them from living the life they wanted. 


With my help you too can unlock your block.

You too can change your life for ever..

Creative Thoughts


"Jo did an amazing session for me! She helped me to see and understand where the beliefs that were holding me back had come from. Whilst I kind of knew them on one level, Jo was able to help me understand them on a subconscious level and then supported me to let them go. The transformation recording has been so valuable in reinforcing my new beliefs. about me. 

I have let go of the fears and have put myself out there .. and getting amazing results. 

Thank you Jo, I am now able to believe in myself!


Panoramic View

Trauma, anxiety

"Jo has been an incredible guide on my journey of self-discovery and transformation. In just one month of hypnotherapy treatment, I've experienced a profound shift in my mindset and a powerful dismantling  of limiting beliefs. Her expertise and compassionate approach created a space of healing and growth that I hadn't thought possible.


I am truly grateful for the positive changes in my life and highly recommend Jo to anyone seeking a skilled and empathetic hypnotherapist."

Happy Friends

Raise your energy

Chatting with you, i come away energised!
Thank you
Friends On A Walk

Be Heard. Be understood

"just 10 minutes with Jo and she opened up my mind.. she unlocked more in those 10 minutes than two 45 minute sessions with my own personal coach.
I am eternally grateful for your gentle art of asking humble questions. you have made a huge difference to me. Thank you
Warrior Pose

Mindset change

"Jo took the time to fully understand me and the trauma I had suffered. She was kind, unwavering in support, and was able to change my mindset with practical ways to recognise and change behaviour patterns.
I have completely changed my outlook and approach to difficult situations and set clear boundaries.
Thank you so much Jo.

Anxiety, relationship issues

"I cannot recommend Jo enough as the ease in which she engages in a safe and professional manner means that you can address very challenging issues and know that the process will help you see things differently in a more positive way, and in a way where you feel much more able to face those challenges head on"


Anxiety, depression, addictions

"You're absolutely incredible at what you do, the voice recording gives me so much power!! And you are right in what you say.. Day by day, the conversations I'm having with myself are a million times more positive and productive than when we first made contact. I am so proud of myself, for all the changes I have made and being able to adapt to a completely new environment, and I know that great things are in store for me."


Anxiety, conflict avoidance

What a surprise.. I didn't think this could happen for me!...

I think everyone needs this!...

I'm absolutely blown away!

Thank you Jo, I am sure you will go on to help many people in the future and I wish you every success .. now in your profession as a qualified therapist."

Reading To Your Dog

Anger, raising self-esteem

"Jo has unleashed my potential and helped me make my dreams come true.

Now I have my dream job, I am happy, I feel fulfilled and now looking for setting new life goals. I can only imagine how many lives she will change like she did with mine.. because now I find myself living my dream!"

Successful Girl


"For me personally, the return on investing in Jo has been worth its weight in gold.

Thank you Jo. "

White Picket Fence

Boundaries, prioritisation

"Working with Jo at BOOSTAS has been such a positive experience. These coaching sessions have been my opportunity to focus on me. Why things don’t work, and why things do work. .. Understanding that it’s how I feel that matters, rather than blaming others for things going wrong."

Wellness Coach

Weight issue, understood

"Thank you for everything Jo.  You are amazing and you’ve made me see the value of working with a professional xxx”


Panic attacks, travel anxiety

"Being the parent of a child who is suffering with overwhelming anxiety is a really worrying time. We came to Jo for help and thats exactly what we got. Jo's approach is sympathetic, empathetic and bespoke for each of her clients.. Jo has a unique offering, is wonderful at what she does and has a beautifully human approach to her therapy."

RTT talk.jpg

Career projection, public speaking & imposter syndrome

"Jo.. As a coach you are inspirational, a great listener.. Helping me to think differently about things that previously

had frozen me with fear and worry – now those blocks are gone..


Thank you Jo I have loved working with you!"

Cat and Working

Finding self worth
& confidence

"Boo has been the best coach I could have ever wished for! She has truly helped me change my perspective on so many aspects of my life. I have got to know my personality, my values and goals in a way I have never experienced before. She has made me question my self-doubts and insecurities and helped me regain my self-worth. I never imagined I would become such a positive, self-confident and grateful person in just a few months, I can definitely recommend  her to anyone wishing to rediscover and love themselves more, to become fulfilled and happier human beings, both at a personal and professional level. Thank you so much Boo!!! :)

Makeup Artist

Self Sabotage, Procrastination

"Jo what you do is amazing. To have the shame broken off me has been huge.

I cannot underestimate the positive impact on my life"

Public Speaker

Confidence, courage

"Jo is a true inspirational coach and has 'brought out' a new confident me in so many ways. She has opened my eyes to many new opportuntiies that I didnt even see and given me the confidence to follow them through. Thanks so much :)"


Prioritising, taking action

‘Speaking about your goals makes them feel more real and adds healthy pressure into making them a reality, instead of just a thought in your mind. Jo, you have unravelled the ball of string in my mind. I’ve known everything - but its getting it out in an organised manner..


‘The best thing has been making my goals real, tangible. I remember the first consultation. I remember talking with you about what I was going to do - and then the next week they were done! I didn’t want to disappoint you, I wanted praise and my reward was an amazing feeling of self-worth & motivation.”

Tropical Beach

Family, relationships,
crushed self-esteem

"Hello Boo. I know its a while ago now that we met but I wanted to thank you so much for the help you sent my way and helping me to believe in myself again. I'm definitely a long way from when we met.. I took the big move abroad, I'm living by the sea and dating a diver so we are always out in the water. You may not remember my meetings too well but this is all a big part of what we talked about and I couldn't be happier right now. Just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me.

Lots of love Axxxx x

Ed: Now married to her diver!

Ocean Rocks

Recovering from cancer

"I am so delighted to let you know how things have progressed since the hypnotherapy session and embedding the treatment with the recording repeated over the last three weeks. As you know things had been quite out the ordinary the last 2 years and with isolation of covid, cancer, lack of close family support, losing my hair, leading to losing my identity almost; although I remained focused to survive and live health consciously as much as possible, as well as focusing in my academic studies, the thought of re-joining the real world was overwhelming! have helped me get back on my feet again after an awful year, where nothing prepares you for the after effects of the big C.


Finding self-truth, job issues

"Change one tiny thing to make a subtle difference.. and achieve such a massive impact!

Jo has enabled me to think through challenging problems.

She worked with me to develop a vision of what I wanted and where I wanted to be then given me the skills to communicate confidently in order to achieve these aims."

Team High Five

Dear Jo, Thank you, thank you, thank you yet again

“Dear Jo, Thank you thank you thank you yet again for leading and facilitating your super Thought Power workshop with the Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAs) across our ‘UK Organisation’. From the feedback you gained you know the real value the workshops have provided to the colleagues who joined the session and the skills they have picked up will have a broader positive impact on the colleagues they support through their role as a MHFA'er.
As always you are so supportive, thoughtful, engaging, thorough, credible and knowledgeable.


b and w 1_edited.jpg

What would your life be like without the problem?

How would you feel?

Where would you be?

What would you achieve?


Now is the time to Invest in YOU.

You can change your life for ever..

Can't wait to get started!

Jo x

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