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Mindfitness  matters

Many factors affect our MindFitness, general health and well-being. Everything, yes EVERYTHING starts with the mind. Change the way you think, then your reactions to everything around you - and you will transform your life.


Let's make this happen! Because now is the time to INVEST IN YOU

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anxiety & depression

Symptoms of anxiety, stress, fears and phobias, panic attacks and guilt making it harder to try new things, feeling caged in, prevented from trying to achieve the life that seems possible for others. Depression manifesting as loneliness, sadness, lacking confidence, self esteem and motivation also negatively impacts on physical health. Procrastination and problems achieving goals.

confidence & relationships issues

High performers hide their stresses from public speaking, interviews, exams, experiencing nerves and poor concentration - leading to anxiety and these take their toll. Feel like a phony? Imposter syndrome is common at all levels of life. Unhappy relationships with family partners and friends lead to feelings of lack of connection and is often linked to learnt behaviour patterns that remain locked-in from childhood.

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health & relationship with food

Every thought you think causes a physical reaction then an emotional response - Food, diet and weight problems impact on day to day life. Health Issues can be symptoms of underlying mind issues - pain control, sight problems, skin problems are just a few of the physical responses affected by our minds.


The symptoms of addiction, often deep rooted in childhood manifests as self sabotage - drinking, smoking, drugs, gambling and compulsive behaviour. Rapid Transformation Therapy is the preferred methodology to get to the root cause, understand, then be in a position to re-focus and take control.

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