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Happy Friends

Holistic mind-fit chakra for flourishing people and thriving Teams

Impowerz your life

Impowerz Programmes are here! Designed for any team or group to enhance work-place and fun-place performance! You could be a corporate, you could be a team of two! Business, community, healthcare, education. You could be an individual wanting to learn as a group.  If you want to FLOURISH and your teams to THRIVE, find out more at Impowerz.

IMPOWERZ is a trading name of Boostas Group Ltd

Laughing Friends

Impowerz is here! We have created the Mind-fit Chakra programmes to empower individuals just like YOU and me. Develop skills, build connections and HAVE FUN!

Support Group Meeting

The Impowerz Mind-fit Chakra Programme is our unique, flagship programme. Find out more from the co-founders, Jo & Vikki Jackson.


Chakra brings self-realisation and awareness of what is possible for personal development,

Mind-fit techniques pave the way for positive mental can-do attitudes for empowerment.

Meetup Event

Impowerz 4Teams is here! We have created Mind-fit Chakra programmes to empower teams to THRIVE:

Trust. Connect. Grow together.​

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