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Anxiety, be gone!

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

“Everything is stressing me out! I feel so unwell, I feel burnt out. I’m finding my life difficult to manage – Please help me!”

This is anxiety. A sense of impending danger or doom, that leads to increased heart rates, sweating, nervousness, panic attacks and more. Its debilitating, it ruins lives and it's an ever-increasing problem today for many people of all ages. Whatever the trigger, this would make anyone emotional, panicked, out of control. It’s hard to live your best life when you are crippled by anxiety.

Our natural physiology - for fight flight or freeze!

Lets take a moment to really understand what is happening here. In reality, this is the bodies innate flight, flight or freeze mechanism. Its our life saving process for our bodies to quickly respond to a threat with the production of cortisol and adrenaline so we can take action to survive. Once the threat is over we return to our normal peaceful lives.

Used like this then the fight flight or freeze mechanism is a lifesaver, but when artificially hyper-vigilant, reacting against a normal activity in life, then it becomes a life destroyer!

Our mind-health is EVERYTHING!

… and our THOUGHTS play the leading role. I make no apologies for saying this 'mantra' repeatedly to all my clients because it is the truth and never more so than for sufferers of anxiety.

For someone who experiences anxiety, it may have started a very long time ago. The body learnt this response at a point in life and will have been for a very real reason.. Unfortunately. the response was repeated and became a behaviour that became hardwired into the subconscious. Now on automatic pilot this is all perfectly normal, but also very traumatic.

What is also perfectly normal is the general belief that this is part of the personality, and can never be corrected. Thankfully this is a complete myth! Behaviours can be changed if it is desired enough, and you know how. Just imagine, instead of panicking about the future – to live very much in the present with a changed response, and a very different and positive outcome. Happy days!

You CAN change your future

If you recognise this then the great news is just as you created the anxiety – you can also take it away. You can change your future. Enter the new self-confident you!

As your integrative coach I work together with you on your solution to morph the anxiety into positive vibes like excitement and joy and for good. We replace the angst with a much better story that is tailored to you. New powerful positive thought patterns, relaxation and practical hacks give you the opportunity for very different responses and will result in a very different life. Calm, relaxed and in control. Sound like magic? Maybe it is - it certainly is very possible so why not join me and see for yourself.

Invest in YOU - It's within your grasp.

Call me for a chat and make this happen for you.

Jo Dakin

Life coach and rapid transformation therapist

Boostas Coaching, October 2023

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