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Living your dream?

So many of my clients look at me aghast when I say – ‘You can be whatever you want to be!’

What is your gut response?

  • Are you with me? Have you totally jumped on board with that statement? Are you living your dream?

  • Or have you got a wry smile saying ‘yes’ whilst within knowing that some things are just not going to happen for someone like you!

  • Of course, you may well be totally at odds with my statement, as life just doesn’t and never has treated you like that AT ALL!

Daily, and for all of time, everyone is hounded with message upon message, soundbite upon soundbite, of the people and world around you that quite literally keeps you ‘in your box’!

I just say NO to that! Here's why

Because, pure and simple, life is a ‘state of mind’. For most of my life I was living ‘my conditioning’ and then what a relief! I learnt three important lessons of the mind that empowered me to make positive change happen, enabled my life to transform so I too could have what I desired;

1. Your subconscious imagination is more powerful than knowledge or logic

2. Your mind only responds to two things; the words you say to yourself and the pictures you make in your head

3. Your mind loves what is familiar. And hates what is unfamiliar!

Whilst there are lots more rules of the mind, these are the most valuable for me and for my clients, and at some point in our work together these three always become a focal point on the journey.


If you feel like you are in a rut, if you want to get positivity racing through your bloodstream once again, if you want to transform your life for the better then yes, you can do this alone, but it’s more efficient, certainly more fun and you get fast results with root cause support and coaching from me.

And here's more good news!

· I have spaces right now for new clients

· I only coach in the evenings and at weekends

· Main sessions are face to face or online - all interim coaching is WhatsApp or facetime

Call me and chat to me. I can’t wait for you to join me and my tribe, and make this happen for you!

Jo Dakin

Invest in you!

Life coach and transformation therapist

Boostas Coaching July 2023

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